APMG is excited to be working with Immersion Group to launch the new XD Practitioner certification

A great meeting of the minds to combine a globally available Experience Design course with an accredited APMG exam to deliver the Immersion Group and APMG XD Practitioner course and certification.

The rise in the need for digital skills 

Skills which help organisations adapt to new ways of working through digital transformation are highly sought after by employers.

Experience Design (XD)

Experience Design is a crucial element to any organisation if it is to succeed beyond Covid.  Today’s ‘end user’ (customer) has more choice, is becoming more sophisticated in their expectations, demands more, wants to work less and overall wants to ‘think less’ about their online actions and decisions.  They seek intuitive options and want their experiences to be not just functional but to ‘delight’, when interacting with organisations and service providers.

The XD Practitioner course explores best practice models and methods in creating memorable experiences and suits candidates of all levels – from those entering the XD field to those with a level of expertise they want to validate and build upon.

Thoughtfully designed by Immersion, (as you would expect) the Experience Design course has 3 online modules including a variety of videos, references, slides and text including engaging learn-as-you-go activities.  The self-paced course can be studied and progressed during a timeframe convenient to the learner.  It culminates in an APMG exam for those that have completed the full suite, and successful candidates will receive a secure, dynamic, digital badge to share online and via social media – verifying and amplifying their certified XD Practitioner status.

Now more than ever, individuals and employers are taking the opportunity to invest in new knowledge areas and plug skills-gaps, enabling them to diversify and meet the evolving capabilities required of the modern workforce.  Demand for Experience Design specialists is growing as more and more products and services move online, and the need for senior stakeholders and generalists to gain an understanding of this integral cog in the wheel of digital transformation becomes essential.

Why choose an APMG Certification?

APMG works with leading industry partners and government to develop certification schemes aligned to current practices and legislation – Meeting global, professional development and qualification requirements.

It is our job to identify emerging trends and to provide options for organisations seeking to invest in the development of their staff – APMG are the thought leaders in bringing high quality IP to the market using a digital first approach.  Improving the added value individuals can provide to the business and themselves.

As well as our Agile, Change, Cyber, Project, Program Management, PPP and IT Service Management solutions, training and certifications, APMG’s Business Transformation portfolio is growing rapidly and we are delighted to be adding Experience Design to the current emergent technology qualifications which include AI, Analytics, Big Data, Service Automation, SRE and more.

APMG International has a broad and deep suite of attractive, globally recognised qualifications.  Often requested or taught as ‘required certifications’ by many Fortune 500 organisations, we continue to help improve people and processes by offering vendor- neutral certifications that provide professionals with unbiased, best practice skills.  

Discover more:

Watch this interview where Richard Pharro, CEO APMG asks Reynhardt Uys, Chief Experience Officer, Immersion Group about the importance of Experience Design and why it is needed to lead to digital transformation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI4h_aHziRA