UX Principal


To lead and execute human centred research, design and evaluation at the highest level of skill in the most complex and varied design environments. To create products, applications and services that meet the highest standards of usability and engagement and generate compelling positive experiences for users, while unlocking new business value. This entails deep specialised user experience design skills, as well as the ability to lead and coach others in the execution of all facets of user experience work, across a broad spectrum of environments, technologies and industries. To be a leading contributor to the modernisation and innovation of user experience design techniques.


Create Structural Designs in Complex Environments

· In the structural design phase, play a role of expert practitioner, UX design architect and design lead, deeply entrenched in the process and leading it from within the work.

· Work alongside UX Strategists to create compelling design strategies reflected in structural concepts. These form the backbone of the differentiation approach to the performance and engagement of the design.Create an ecosystem view of the structural design environment, through application of user, market, business and technology research and analysis. This will entail techniques such as contextual inquiry, design thinking, cross-cultural research, ecosystem modelling and various types of secondary data analysis methods.

· Define the primary user types, journeys, scenarios, tasks and goals of the application, product or service and translate this into a framework of offerings and solutions for the design.

· Develop and validate the conceptual design model, ensuring that the user mental model and the design paradigms being created fit seamlessly together. Create solutions using structured innovation processes.

· Develop information architectures, templates, primary work spaces, page elements and standards that create the logical shell of the application, defining how it will function, flow and meet business, user and technology needs. This needs to be done across any market type, device type, technology stack or industry, often in a multi-channel or internationalised design environment.

· Embed emotional engagement into the design, to ensure that the experience is not only one of optimal usability, but also motivational and emotionally compelling against psychological drives, blocks and triggers.

· Perform validations of the structural design to ensure that it meets target measures.

· Facilitate the integration of business and technology capabilities into the structural design solution, so that the organisation has a framework of high-level design solutions and a roadmap for its realisation. Leverage UX Specialisations to Enhance Quality

· The Principal UX Designer will need to have gained some level of specialisation that goes above their strong general UX skill sets. This could be in areas such as: Accessibility; Internationalisation and Cross-Cultural Design; Marketing & Brand; Behavioural Science and Engagement Design; Experience Management Technologies etc.

· These specialisations allow the Principal UX Designer to add unique and enhanced value to the design process. Lead the UX Solution in Design Implementations · Support the modularisation, effort estimation and planning of UX work in design stages and sprints.

· Create the structural design solutions for modules as a leading sprint / stage or in parallel sprints / stages that forms the lower level module structure of design sections within the larger overall design structure.

· Ensure that as all the sections of the design are detailed out, the overall solution continues to form in line with design objectives, patterns and standards. Provide expert personal contribution as well as design leadership.

· Take accountability for the approach and quality of detailed design and implementation teams, across research (e.g. Contextual Inquiry, Web Analytics etc.), design (e.g. Interaction, Content, Visual, Engagement, Wireframes and Prototypes etc.) and evaluation (e.g. Usability Testing, A/B Testing etc.).

· Leads the integration of UX into the multi-disciplinary design and team environment. Be a Senior Leader within Immersion Group and the Industry

· Coaches and mentors others and performs line management functions. · Epitomises the culture and values of Immersion Group.

· Is a thought leader and keenly aware of relevant trends, contributing to the development of capabilities and offerings within Immersion Group Moving UX forward into the future of technology and business application. Makes valuable contributions to the industry through blogs, papers, conference attendance etc.

As a Level 1 BEE contributor, the company is fully committed to demonstrating sustainability by supporting social transformation and job creation in South Africa. We are fully committed to improving our candidate database profile and therefore give preference to AA/EE candidates. 

Job Type: Full Time 

Job Location: Hybrid Model - JHB 

Job Category: ux UX Principal
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Johannesburg

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