Shelbey Wilson Then
Shelbey Wilson
Account Manager

A Teacher, Dance Teacher or Vet

Mathu then
Mathu Mncube
UX Analyst

A very Fabulous First Lady, like Jackie Kennedy.

Lebo Mollo (younger)
Lebohang Mollo
UX Analyst

An Architect and Artist

Xhanti Ntshinga Then
Xhanti Ntshinga
UX Lead

A Palaeontologist

Tyler Morrison Then
Tyler Morrison
Head: Experience Design

An Artist

Shan Then
Shannon Glenn
UI Practice Lead

A Lawyer

Ronete Jenna Van Staden Then
Ronete-Jenna Van Staden
Senior Delivery Manager

A Storm Chaser

Rashika then
Rashika Rampersad
UX Lead

A Lawyer

Nicole Seymour Then
Nicole Seymour
UX Analyst

A Vet

Nadia Ellis Then
Nadia Ellis
Senior UX Designer

A Princess or an Artist

Mndeni Shezi Then
Mndeni Sizwesihle Shezi
Systems Thinking Lead

A Pilot

Kiasha Then
Kiasha Manickum
CX Lead

A News Reporter

Jeremy Then
Jeremy Kisten
Executive Head: Group Operations

A Computer Operator

ismail then
Ismail Dawjee
Managing Director


Gareth Tresling Then
Gareth Allan Tresling
Head: Experience Engineering

A Marine Biologist

Gareth Davids Then
Gareth Davids
UI Designer

A Game Ranger

Fuzlin Esau Then
Fuzlin Esau
Head of Marketing

A Professional TV-Watcher

Dumisa Bantu Mgudlwa Then
Dumisa Bantu Mgudlwa
Account Manager

An Entertainer: DJ, MC & Singer

Branden Versfeld Then
Branden Versfeld
CX Principal Researcher

An Archaeologist like Indiana Jones.

Anrolette Hollamby Then
Anrolette Hollamby
Senior UI Designer

A Brain Surgeon or Egyptologist

Arno Then
Arno Van Zyl
Junior Scrum Master

A Palaeontologist, digging up dinosaur bones.

Ashiel Raghoonanan Then
Ashiel Raghoonanan
UI Lead

A Professional Race Car Driver, Game Ranger, Music Producer... The list goes on...

Loyiso Dlomo Then
Loyiso Ntsikayezwe Dlomo
Junior UI Designer

A "Businessman", I didn't even know what a business was.

Jo then
Joanna Freeman
Executive Head: Business Development

A Fashion Icon (can't you tell from the photo!?! :D)

Edwin then
Edwin de Lange
CX Principal

I never really had a specific job in mind but always wanted to change the world, leave a mark for better.

MariankaCilliers Then
Marianka Cilliers
UI Principal

I asked my dad what profession makes the most money - So I was going to be an Architect for a long time until I realised how much maths is involved.

Yuseerah Jhetam Then
Yuseerah Jhetam
Senior UX Designer

An Assassin, thought it was the coolest job ever, duffel bag full of money and be like a cat. As I got older I became aware it was frowned upon and was in limbo for many years, looking for "the one".

Leila as a yungin
Leila Scholler
Junior Scrum Master

An Archeologist